Colin McNickle: Allegheny County’s sick-leave proposal a nonstarter

It is an idea whose time should not come again in local governance, researchers at the Allegheny Institute for Public Policy say: Allegheny County Council has proposed an ordinance, that as in the City of Pittsburgh, would mandate that businesses offer paid sick leave to their employees.

“This is a short-sighted measure that will harm businesses, many of which are struggling with the effects of the coronavirus and trying to recover from the economic shutdown,” say Jake Haulk, president emeritus of the Pittsburgh think tank, and Eric Montarti, research director.

The county ordinance parrots the 2015 city ordinance nearly word for word. After several legal challenges, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court affirmed the city ordinance’s validity in 2019. The high court held the measure was more a “health and safety ordinance” instead

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