Big Face Coffee’s Business Is Good

It’s slim pickins’, folks! We’re down to four teams left in the Bubble, and as a result, we are fishing in a shallower pool, reeling in fewer and fewer posts to sustain ourselves with, much like the bass in the Disney ponds which seemed to fall off pretty quick either due to overfishing or over-exposure. But I’m sure whatever fish are left are breathing (bubbling?) easy now that Playoff P is gone.

So this will be short and sweet, but as we move into the conference finals, it’s still been an eventful, “CLANKING” week. Here we go.

Jimmy Butler

Big Face Coffee is doing BUSINESS in the Bub but before we get to grind behind the macchiato mogul — it was also his birthday this week! That’s right, Jimmy Beans does age after all. The Heat rookies serenaded Butler as he interrupted them multiple times to insist they look him

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