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Venmo launches physical credit card backed by Visa with a scannable QR code for contactless payments

  • Available in five designs, the no-fee card comes with a QR code on the front
  • The rewards program gives cash back on your most popular spending categories
  • An RFID-enabled chip allows users to tap to pay for a contactless transaction
  • Applications will be rolled out to Venmo users in the US in the coming months

Venmo, the popular digital payment app owned by PayPal, has launched its own physical credit card.

Issued by Synchrony Bank and powered by Visa, the no-fee card is available in five vibrant designs.

It comes with a unique QR code on the front and an RFID-enabled chip, so customers can tap to pay for a contact-free transaction. 

A personalized cash-back program automatically rewards users in their most popular spending categories. 

Applications for the Venmo credit card are now available for a limited number of users who have had an account for at least 30 days

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TikTok Tells Australia Government It Will Make Source Code Available for Inspection | Investing News

SYDNEY (Reuters) – TikTok has told an Australian government committee that it will allow government officials to review its algorithm and test its source code, as it seeks to overcome distrust surrounding the video-streaming app operator’s China ownership.

TikTok’s owner ByteDance has reached a deal with Oracle Corp

and Walmart Inc

that it hopes will end U.S. plans to ban TikTok in the United States on security grounds. It said the deal will see the creation of a standalone U.S. firm, TikTok Global, that does not involve any transfer of technology, though Oracle will be able to inspect TikTok source code.

TikTok’s Australian executives appeared in Canberra on Friday before the Select Committee on Foreign Interference through Social Media, where they said the computer instructions that guide the content presented to TikTok users would be made more widely available for inspection.

“(It will be) available in a public setting for

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How to nail the business casual women dress code (with examples)

The idea of business casual for women (and men) started out in Silicon Valley in the 1980s. That stands to reason, considering that Silicon Valley is the poster child for innovation, rule-breaking, and generally shaking things up. I mean, why would cultural norms regarding stiff dress codes be any different, right?

Productivity seemed to stall at the intersection of fashion and formality, so the powers that be attempted to do away with both. Frankly, if you’re sitting in a room writing code all day, no one will care if you’re doing it in a three-piece suit and whether you grab your fedora at the end of the day on your way back to the ’50s.

No doubt, the idea of business casual made sense in theory. But it was also a moving target, and by the ’90s, it reached new heights of convolution and misinterpretation.

The truth is, no one

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