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AP FACT CHECK: Debate week’s twisted tales on virus, climate

WASHINGTON — Sidelined but not silenced, President Donald Trump demonstrated anew this past week he can’t be relied on to give a straight account of the disease that has afflicted millions, now including him. He heralded the arrival of a COVID-19 cure, which did not happen, and likened the coronavirus to the common flu even while knowing better.

The week featured the only vice presidential debate of the 2020 campaign and an emphasis on policy lacking in the virulent Trump vs. Joe Biden showdown of the week before.

Vice President Mike Pence asserted Trump respects the science on climate change when actually the president mocks it, and Pence defended a White House gathering that the government’s infectious disease chief branded a super-spreader event. His Democratic rival, California Sen. Kamala Harris, tripped on tax policy while wrongly accusing Trump of dismissing the pandemic as a hoax.

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AP FACT CHECK: Debate week’s twisted tales on virus, climate

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Amazon Ramps Up Delivery Business With Rivian Electric Vehicles To Reach Climate Goals

As Amazon (AMZN) continues the expansion of its delivery fleet, the online retailer has revealed its electric delivery van developed in partnership with Rivian.

The all-electric vans have begun to arrive just a year after Amazon made a commitment to be net-zero carbon by 2040. The company has plans to take delivery of 100,000 electric vans from Rivian by 2030, with 10,000 expected to be on the roads by 2022.

The Rivian vans were developed to “enhance the driver experience and optimize safety” with a customized configuration that comes in three different models. The vans feature sensor detection, highway and traffic assist features, larger windshield, exterior cameras with digital display, Alexa integration, stronger door design, interior “dancefloor” for added space, multiple tail lights, and three levels of shelving to store packages.

“When we set out to create our first customized electric delivery vehicle with Rivian, we knew that it needed

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State-and-Local Bailouts, Central Bankers & Climate Change

Welcome to the Capital Note, a newsletter about business, finance and economics. On the menu today: state-and-local assistance, central bankers tackling climate change, and a look at New York’s near-bankruptcy in 1975.

a person standing in front of a large building: A man walks past the Bank of England in London, England, August 6, 2020.

© Toby Melville/Reuters
A man walks past the Bank of England in London, England, August 6, 2020.

State-and-Local Assistance


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State-and-local assistance has emerged as the main sticking point in Congress’s negotiations over another round of coronavirus relief. Democrats have requested $500 billion for states and cities as well as an additional $225 billion for public schools, roughly double the amount that Republicans are willing to provide.

Whatever its merits, the Democratic proposal effectively attempts to use pandemic relief as a backdoor bailout for states and cities with Democratic constituencies. Kevin Hassett — a senior advisor to National Review’s Capital Matters and former chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisors — says assistance on

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Climate Crisis Weekly: Greenland ice melting fastest in 12k yr.

  • Greenland’s ice is melting faster than at any time in the past 12,000 years, according to a new study.
  • Sir David Attenborough’s A Life on Our Planet debuts on Sunday to help us better understand climate change.
  • The Environmental Defense Fund launches the Climate Authenticity Meter to evaluate businesses’ climate goals.
  • And more…

Greenland’s ice sheet, which is three times the size of Texas, is starting to melt faster than at any time in the past 12,000 years, according to new research published in Nature.

The study’s team produced a computer model of a section of the ice sheet’s southwestern area over the past 12,000 years and then projected forward to the end of this century. The increased loss of Greenland’s ice alone is likely to lead to sea level rises of between 2 cm (0.79 inches) and 10 cm (3.9 inches) by 2100.

Glaciers deposit boulders containing beryllium-10

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Biden’s $1.7 trillion climate plan would be blow to Big Oil

This combination of pictures created on September 29, 2020 shows US President Donald Trump (L) and Democratic Presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden squaring off during the first presidential debate at the Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio on September 29, 2020.

Getty Images

Looking for policy differences between President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger former Vice President Joe Biden? The most stark may be on climate change, the issue that more than any other will shape America’s energy future.

Biden has a climate plan — a big one. Trump simply doesn’t.

Biden aims to push as much as $1.7 trillion over 10 years into a plan to boost renewable power and speed introduction of electric vehicles, through tax credits, boosted research and development into technologies including large-scale battery power storage and carbon capture and minimization, and modernizing infrastructure, including the nation’s electricity grid

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Maine businesses host online forums on climate change action

Members of Maine’s business community will discuss what their organizations are doing to prepare for and mitigate the changing climate on Thursday, at the second of four online forums of the Maine Climate Table, a statewide, nonpartisan network of businesses and nonprofits seeking climate change solutions.

The upcoming session, called Confronting Climate Change in Maine’s Natural Resource Sectors: Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, takes place from 10 a.m. until noon. It is moderated by Andy Whitman of Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences.

The panelists will be Greg Adams of Irving Woodlands, Bill Mook of Mook Sea Farms and Jenni Tilton-Flood of Flood Brothers Farm.

During the series, panelists will be discussing questions including: How might we finance climate action in Maine and how do we build a skilled workforce to implement the changes needed? How are natural resource sectors such as forestry, fishing and agriculture preparing for climate change? What are

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LONGi joined Climate Week NYC 2020 in global efforts to achieve a net-zero world

XI’AN, China, Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — This year, as a new member of the RE100 initiative, LONGi, the world leading solar technology company headquartered in Xi’an, China, joined the 2020 New York City Climate Week for the first time. LONGi is also amongst a roster of the world’s most influential companies committed to 100% renewable power that is nominated for this year’s RE100 Leadership Awards.

LONGi Founder and President Li Zhenguo was invited to speak at the opening ceremony of the year’s most influential international climate change event. As the only business leader representing a Chinese company and major PV manufacturer Mr. Li shared his vision on how solar technology is helping the world address climate change and reiterated LONGi’s commitment to making clean energy more affordable and accessible with progressive technology and cost reductions.

Mr. Li was also invited to a panel discussion: “Future-fit Business Strategies

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All the Big News From Climate Week In One Place

(Image: Iconic buildings across New York City, including the Empire State Building and Brooklyn’s Weylin events center (pictured here), were illuminated in green to mark the kickoff of Climate Week.)

With in-person events still on hold due to the coronavirus, Climate Week NYC events moved online last week, making tougher to track the big news. Afraid you may have missed something? We’ve got you covered. As we mark another Climate Week come and gone, read on to catch up on the biggest, boldest announcements from businesses, investors and policymakers worldwide. 

Corporate commitments roll in as Climate Week kicks off 

Companies often leverage Climate Week to promote the launch of their new goals, targets and trajectories — and this year was no exception. Among this year’s announcements: Walmart says it will target net-zero emissions by 2040 without relying on carbon offsets, and PepsiCo, Intel, Asics, Velux Group, Sanofi and SKF are 

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Opinion | Big Business’s Undisclosed Climate Crisis Plans

As the climate crisis intensifies, U.S. environmental policy has moved dangerously backward, with nearly 70 environmental rules reversed during this administration, and 30 more reversals in process. This intransigent, head-in-the-sand approach will not alter the reality of climate change, nor the risks and opportunities it presents the economy. The private sector understands this.

Many large businesses and their investors, recognizing the urgency of the threat, are already attempting to protect their assets and investments from climate risks. As some continue to publicly question the science, they are shifting their capital to prepare for a future low-carbon economy. They know that a significant percentage of the U.S. equity market, as much as 93 percent by one estimate, is already exposed to harms from climate change, with this year’s intensified fire and hurricane seasons offering a devastating preview of more to come.

Both investors and the broader public need clear information about

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