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CleverTap Appoints Jasmeet Gandhi as Head of Business Development and Alliances


Corporate Insiders Pull the Trigger on These 3 Stocks

Follow the leader is a viable strategy in stock investing, as long as you find the right leader to follow. Corporate insiders, of course, are by their nature leaders. They are the company officers who run the show, and the nature of their position, or positions, puts them in position to access knowledge, even foreknowledge, that the ordinary investors simply doesn’t have. This is a case where regulators have done the right thing. Insiders can make their trades – but they have to make them public. The investing public must be able to see what company officers are doing with the stock. And because these officers are not in it solely to make money for themselves, but are responsible to Boards of Directors, stock owners, and other stake holders, they usually don’t start buying their own stock without good reason.Fortunately, 

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CleverTap Appoints Jasmeet Gandhi as Head of Business Development and Alliances – Press Release

MUMBAI, India–(Business Wire)–CleverTap, the leading AI-powered customer lifecycle and user retention platform, today announced the appointment of Jasmeet Gandhi as Head of Business Development and Alliances. Mr. Gandhi brings over 20 years of product marketing, sales, and strategic alliances experience which he will leverage as he builds on CleverTap’s momentum in the competitive mobile marketing technology market. Mr. Gandhi will be based out of CleverTap’s Mumbai offices.

“Today’s business climate fosters an increasingly competitive marketplace, and finding exceptional leaders is more important than ever,” said Supratim Biswas, chief revenue officer at CleverTap. “In Jasmeet, we are fortunate to have an exceptional leader with proven experience who will not only assist CleverTap in achieving long-term, sustainable growth, but also discover new opportunities and partnerships that enable companies from diverse industries astound the world to grow and thrive.”

Jasmeet has a career in technology that spans over 20 years. He was a

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