How Teachers Can Foster Community in Online Classrooms

The school year is difficult for both teachers and students, to say the least. Some districts are using a hybrid of remote and in-person learning, while others are on Zoom entirely. And that means teachers are stretched thin and unable to build community with their students, and classmates are unable to get to know their peers well. But there are some choices you can make to combat that.

Melanie Gottdenger, a New York-based seventh-grade teacher in a selective middle school, said that “studies show that strong communities produce more holistically successful people—rather than students who can ace a test or become a doctor, education professionals are starting to understand that the humanity in us all is what makes our world better, and proves our “success” as teachers. These tools can be used in a variety of places, with your class, business, or community.

What Not to Do

Some educators have

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