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Maggie Wang, claimed to run visa ‘scam’ for former Wagga MP Daryl Maguire, due to appear at ICAC | The Canberra Times

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A woman accused of recruiting and paying businesses in a cash-for-visas “scam” allegedly linked to former Wagga MP Daryl Maguire is due to appear at a corruption hearing this week. The first week of Independent Commission Against Corruption hearings into Mr Maguire heard claims that Maggie Wang handed business owners cash to take on Chinese visa applicants who never showed up to work. Ms Wang, who witnesses have claimed was involved in attempted or successful cash-for-visa schemes at six businesses is listed to appear at the upcoming ICAC hearing on Tuesday. ICAC has heard that Ms Wang was employed by a Wagga-based company called G8wayinternational, which was allegedly set up to generate profits for Mr Maguire. As multiple witnesses have testified, the alleged scam would allow Chinese nationals to apply for a visa

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Hawaii businesses claimed by COVID-19 could total 1,000 on way to 25,000

The toll of COVID-19 in Hawaii is being tallied in ways that include lives lost daily and claims of unemployment weekly. One major casualty, however, isn’t being well counted — namely, the untold number of businesses in the state that have perished from the ill effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Just how many Hawaii businesses have closed permanently at least in part due to COVID-19 is hard to measure, but it’s growing as government restrictions and consumer fears over the virus persist.

According to an analysis by online business-rating platform Yelp, Hawaii had the second-­highest rate among states for permanent business closures from March 1 to July 10, at 6.9 permanent closures per 1,000 businesses.

>> PHOTOS: Coronavirus pandemic takes toll on Hawaii businesses, forcing many to close

Hawaii’s rate, which trailed only Nevada at 7.3, suggests that more than 1,000 Hawaii businesses may have already folded, based on roughly

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