Creator of ‘Civilization’ Looks Back at One of the Longest Careers in the Industry

(Bloomberg) — Sid Meier has spent a lot of time thinking about major world events. The video game series he created, Civilization, is a grand tour through thousands of years of history, complete with war, famine and climate change. But the one thing Meier never predicted was Covid-19.


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“I’m not sure we’ve ever had a pandemic in a Civilization game,” Meier says in a recent interview. “We’re all in the midst of this experiment. We’re not the scientists; we’re the guinea pigs.”

Meier, 66, is one of gaming’s living legends — a pioneer of the form who has been developing games for almost 40 years. His first book, Sid Meier’s Memoir!: A Life in Computer Games, hits the shelves Tuesday and recounts his life and career as the Godfather of strategy video games.

“It really struck me that this next generation doesn’t remember a time when there were

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