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Sandra Masters unveils mayoral platform promising ‘a Regina for every citizen’

a person standing in front of a sign: Sandra Masters speaks outside of Regina city hall ahead of the 2020 municipal election.

© Derek Putz / Global News
Sandra Masters speaks outside of Regina city hall ahead of the 2020 municipal election.

Regina mayoral candidate Sandra Masters unveiled a campaign platform focused on “creating a Regina for every citizen” Thursday morning.

Speaking outside of Regina city hall, Masters promised to save money through streamlining operations, create a safer community with proactive policing and anti-poverty measures and to grow local business with a plan based on “four key pillars”.

“They’re broad buckets, but I believe they encompass much of what I hope to accomplish with council and administration,” Masters said in her stump speech.

“Regina is being out-invested and out-hustled in economic development, our feeling of safety has diminished, we’re losing young people and our city is looking in need of care. And for years we’ve offered symbolism and promises instead of action.”

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Google Cloud’s Business Application Platform aims to court citizen, business developers with no-code approach

Google Cloud Platform is launching its Business Application Platform, which couples API management with no-code application development, automation and analytics.

The end game for Google Cloud is to cultivate citizen and business line developers in enterprises.

According to Google Cloud, the Business Application Platform builds on its Apigee API management and AppSheet no-code tools. Google Cloud said it will be adding features for multi-cloud architecture, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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The launch is being outlined at Google Cloud NextOnAir, its virtual conference. “Our focus is to add no code with a lot of enterprise capabilities,” said Amit Zavery, head of platform at Google Cloud, who added that API connections and managed services will enable both technical and line of business developers. 


Along with the Business Application Platform, Google Cloud launched the beta of the API Gateway, a managed offering to build and monitor APIs for its workloads and

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