Marijuana company sues Chula Vista over business license denial

A marijuana company is suing Chula Vista after the city rejected its business license application. If successful, the lawsuit could put an abrupt halt to the city’s permitting process.

The lawsuit, filed in San Diego Superior Court this week by Caligrown, claims that consultants hired by Chula Vista to evaluate applicants didn’t follow the city’s own rules and therefore unfairly rejected the company’s application.

Attorneys representing the company are asking a judge to order the city to stop issuing any licenses to dispensaries and to re-evaluate all of the dispensary applications. Other businesses such as delivery services, testing sites, cultivation facilities or manufacturing operations would not be impacted.

“The suit demonstrates the city’s process is fatally flawed, and will not serve the citizens of Chula Vista in their desire to permit the ‘best and most qualified candidates,’ and thereby eliminate the dangerous, illegal operators that have plagued the city for

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