Museum of Fine Arts shares plan for reopening: ‘We chose to slow down a bit’

But now, after the longest closure in modern memory, the MFA will open its doors on Sept. 26, welcoming back a public buffeted by economic malaise, social unrest, and the ongoing health crisis.

The MFA has not been immune — the museum recently shed more than 100 employees — and in many respects returning visitors will find an institution still bearing down against the virus, even as it brings renewed urgency to questions of cultural primacy in an age when legacy institutions find themselves under enormous pressure to be more inclusive.

Those twin imperatives are on plain view in the MFA’s phased reopening plan, which initially will include only the Art of the Americas Wing and two special exhibitions that opened prior to the shutdown: the teen-curated “Black Histories, Black Futures,” and “Women Take the Floor,” which highlights overlooked work by women drawn mainly from the MFA’s collection. (The museum

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