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How Annie Duke Is Helping The World To Make Better Choices

Annie Duke retired from professional poker in 2012 as one of the most successful players of all time. Today, she is taking what she learned at the poker table about decision making and sharing it with the world as an author and public speaker. We sat down to talk about her new book How to Decide: Simple Tools for Making Better Choices and why business is dealing with poker like environments and all the uncertainty that comes with it.

Dave Knox: You retired from poker in 2012 to focus on your next career as an author and public speaker. Your first book, Thinking In Bets, has a concept that life is like poker, not chess. Can you explain that viewpoint?

Annie Duke: As I transitioned from cognitive psychology where you’re

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Restaurant Rap: Pandemic makes us make hard choices | Coronavirus

It has been almost six months since our restaurant closed for indoor dining, and there does not appear to be a clear path to a safe reopening.

Experts are forecasting that more than half of the restaurants in the United States will close for good as a result of the pandemic. We continue to be positive at Ten Depot Street, doing takeout on a limited basis with a limited staff, like many of the other restaurants in our area. But that won’t sustain us in the long run.

Local restaurants set up for outside dining, such as Mamacita’s and Side A Brewing, La Grande, Terminal Gravity in Enterprise and Barley Brown’s in Baker City are doing fairly well. But business usually drops to an unprofitable level in the winter. If most of us open for inside dining now, we would not have enough business to stay afloat.

Eastern Oregon’s population

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