Charlotte chef receives national recognition for virtual classes

Chef Alyssa’s virtual classes have been a huge hit but starting next week her well-known in-person classes will be back and an option that will give parent’s a break

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — For more than seven years, Chef Alyssa has opened her space up to cooking classes in her hometown of Charlotte. 

After attending culinary school and cooking in many professional kitchens and restaurants, she and her husband, Andrew, decided to open a business here. They created a space that is fun, unique, and approachable for everyone in a city they both love. 

When COVID-19 hit, Chef Alyssa and her team quickly adapted to a new normal with creative all-virtual cooking classes. Even though in-person classes and Saturday brunch is her bread and butter, her culinary team went all hands on deck to go virtual when coronavirus hit, and the hard work has paid off. 

Through the pandemic, she has

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