18 Cheap/Free Things Rich People Pay Shitloads For Because ‘Luxury’

Imagine having so much money that you actually get to buy things that don’t make sense. Can’t relate na? 

Well, that’s because no matter how rich we get, we’ll still find cheaper alternatives just to save money. That’s how desi we are.

Sensible or not, here are a few luxury products that you can literally get for 1/10th of its price. 

1. A ₹2,21,079 Balenciaga comforter bag aka kaafi mehengi razai ka cover bag.

Who says you need to sell your soul to buy this bag? 

Balenciaga comforter bag
Source: Balenciaga / Net-A-Porter/ Revelist

Just steal your daadi ka kambal, stuff it in a rectangle bag and tada- bag made.

Source: Ability Dubai

2. Gucci Grass-Stained Jeans worth ₹56K or the new Laxmi Chit Fund.

You can make these jeans in just three steps. 

Grass-Stained Gucci Jeans
Source: Scoopwhoop

Wear a pair of brand new jeans, roll over grass, get scolded for spoiling the jeans and

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