Foreign accents: New Chattanooga business sports European flair

Millions of Americans spent the summer hunkering down at home in an effort to avoid catching the COVID-19 virus.

Chris and Sue Ellibee were not among them. They moved from Atlanta to Chattanooga in June, bringing along their Labrador, Greta, and EuropeanMarket, their online ( business specializing in sales of European-made home goods.

Despite the relocation and multiple pandemic-related challenges, EuropeanMarket’s business is up compared to last year.

“Our numbers are up because people are home,” Chris Ellibee says. “We’ve had folks tell us they had to cancel trips to Europe that they’d planned for years, so we’ve done some marketing along that line – if you had to stay home this summer, we’ve got some things that might remind you of better times and help you look forward to another trip.”

The Ellibees say that since they launched the business 11 years ago, they’ve typically traveled twice yearly to

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