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Which Card to Play in the First Debate? For Biden, Calm. For Trump, Chaos

We’re exactly one week away from the first debate of the 2020 election, and President Trump has endured a brutal September. His troubles include an article in The Atlantic alleging belittling statements by him about American servicemen, and two highly critical books by Michael Cohen and Bob Woodward, the latter quoting him as understanding the terrible consequences of COVID—19 while downplaying its impact publicly. The result is Joe Biden cementing a significant national lead in the public opinion surveys.

Conservatives have complained that Biden has not been forced to answer “tough questions.” That’s probably true but it’s due mostly to Trump’s penchant for intemperate statements that attract media attention. The press loves a good tussle and a misstep by Biden would invite his own press scrutiny.

However, the bottom has not fallen out of Trump’s numbers. More than 8 of 10 Republicans have stuck with him, something that is not

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3 Strategies to Help You Create a Meaningful Work-Life Balance in the Midst of Covid-19 Chaos

With Covid-19 impacting everything from our cleaning habits, dreams, and office locations to our finances, mental health, and what school looks like for our children, the idea of work-life balance is even more ridiculous now than ever before.

For most of us, thanks to Covid-19, everything not only looks different today; it feels different. We feel different. Our routines, habits, workplaces have changed or disappeared altogether. We’ve adapted to the increased amount of time with our loved ones and continue to mourn the closeness we’ve lost with others. We’re beginning to accept that things will never look the way they did, and we remain frustrated with our inability to plan for the future.

Those with children in school have

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