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Business class was my chance to get home. After 24 hours of niceness, I wish I had my $7,000 back | Lewis Jackson | Life and style

I am an Australian, but I have been studying in Barcelona since September 2019. When cases of Covid-19 first rose in March, I considered leaving, but I shared a lease with my then-partner, and the time difference meant I would have had classes at 2am. By July, I had finished my thesis and my lease. With no hope of work in Spain, I booked a flight.

Australia hugs the edge of the world, and Melbourne is closer to Antarctica than Bali. The federal government’s decision to limit entry to 4,000 people per week (now 6,000) shattered the fragile air corridors connecting Australia to the world. With only 30 seats per flight sometimes, airlines started encouraging passengers to upgrade to business to guarantee a seat.

By September, I was squatting in someone’s spare room, with the tenuous promise of a make-up flight in November. My flight had been cancelled twice already.

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Another stock market crash? I see it as a second chance to buy cheap shares

There could be another stock market crash. The performances of FTSE indices seem to hinge on the next announcement from the Government. Markets are frequently on the back foot. Volatility is high and uncertainty is everywhere. Many investors are cautious and waiting to see what’s going on before risking limited resources on buying cheap shares. That’s the market psychology at present.

However, I think buying shares when they’re cheap makes a stock market crash the least risky time to invest. Moreover, it also makes it the best time to buy stocks if you want to maximise your future returns. 

Why buy cheap shares now?

After a stock market crash, many investors dive into so-called safe-haven assets, such as gold, bonds, or stable currencies like the US dollar.

I always find this strange because surely the point of a safe haven is that it’s ready in case of troubled times? Trying

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Give Job Applicants with Criminal Records a Fair Chance

Executive Summary

Business leaders who have recently pledged to improve their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts can start by implementing a practice called fair chance hiring. It mandates that employers only assess a candidate’s criminal record after the candidate has been interviewed and is considered qualified for a role. Studies show that employment is the single most important factor in reducing recidivism; that people with criminal records are no more likely to be fired for misconduct than people without records; and that they’re statistically less likely to quit, which saves employers a considerable amount in turnover costs. Employers considering building a fair chance hiring program should: 1) Create an intentional hiring plan and make sure that top leadership, HR, recruiting, and legal are all bought in; 2) Connect with local community partners to identify talent; 3) Conduct skills-based interviews; and 4) Fairly assess the charges brought against the candidate by

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Why stock market crash 2 could be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to buy cheap shares

The stock market crash in the spring took many people unawares. The coronavirus pandemic seemed to arrive suddenly and the markets went from being uninterested to terrified in short order!

However, if there is to be a second crash in the stock market because of the pandemic, it probably won’t be as sudden. We know about the virus now. And in the UK, we are starting to get familiar with local restrictions and mini-lockdowns every time the virus bubbles up.

A second stock market crash could be different

Of course, the virus could gain traction and begin to affect the world economy again. We’ll probably see it coming, and my guess is the stock market will grind lower day after day. I reckon stock market crash number two will probably be like watching a train crash in slow motion.

But it could end up being a once-in-a-lifetime chance to buy

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The chance to reconnect: how one Yorkshire business made a safe return to the office | All together

Staff have returned to HSL’s West Yorkshire head office.

Staff have returned to HSL’s West Yorkshire head office.
Photograph: Joanne Crawford/Guardian

It’s a Thursday morning, and at the head office of HSL handcrafted furniture, a fire drill is under way. “We’re maintaining social distancing, of course,” says CEO Guy Critchlow. “We say as long as you can fit a two-seater sofa between you, you’re far enough apart.”

To date, about half of the 80-strong team at the company’s head office, based in Batley, West Yorkshire, have returned from being furloughed or working from home.

Critchlow has worked hard to make sure staff are comfortable coming back to the office, whether on a full- or part-time basis. “We looked at cases individually – for example, if someone didn’t feel comfortable coming back we sought to understand why and make reasonable adjustments,” he says. “We’ve also devised a system where if we can’t accommodate a whole team to be permanently at

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The Maine Idea: A slender chance for Legislature’s return

This year may become known, among many other things, as the Legislative Session that Wasn’t. Since lawmakers confronted the coronavirus tidal wave and left town in March, the State House has been mostly empty – with no public access and precious little legislative activity.

This is more than a little odd. Almost every other state legislature, and all those in the Northeast, came back to finish their business, if any remained undone. Several addressed Black Lives Matter protests with policing reforms and other criminal justice bills; many patched budgets.

In Maine, despite strong Democratic control of House and Senate, as well as the governorship, there have been no session days. In June, Democratic leaders resumed committee meetings, and all bills were voted up or down, with 162 ready for floor action; since then, nothing.

Instead, the public has been treated to the kind of rhetorical salvos that have been a

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