Musical chairs and other dumb Iowa ideas during a pandemic

In sports we call them unforced errors. In normal life we call them missteps. But in a pandemic, we call them deadly and dumb.

Unfortunately, the drive to throw the schoolhouse door open for business five days a week, eight hours a day even in “hot zones” has spawned some pretty dumb ideas in the name of trying to pretend, “I’m OK, You’re OK.”

Iowa is not OK.

To me, opening schools with few restrictions, especially when the coronavirus test positivity rate is above 10 percent, is a little like letting Rosanne Barr sing the national anthem, and then acting shocked when it’s a dumpster fire.

I’m sure not an expert on a pandemics, but listening to experts and applying some common sense tells me these ideas don’t even pass a basic smell test.

Musical chairs

Some districts are trying to avoid quarantining students who are exposed or even asymptomatic

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