Trump’s Ban Censors The Type Of Diversity Training Organizations Need Most, Antiracism Training

Just as American workplaces have doubled down on diversity training in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter moment, President Trump has abruptly restricted if not banned diversity related trainings in federal agencies. Trump purportedly rejects the view that systemic racism in America is a problem and has now banned any federal agency trainings related the concepts of “white privilege” or “critical race theory”. A closer read of the Office of Management and Budget memo suggests that the ban is specifically focused on antiracism related trainings – arguably just what America needs most.

While most companies embraced some level of diversity training in the years after the landmark 1964 Civil Rights Act, the results have arguably been dismal at best. Where have decades of broad diversity training brought us?

·      There are only four Black CEOs in the Fortune 500

·      Today’s most diverse Congress ever includes only 57 Black

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