Former Cubs star Andre Dawson’s funeral business center of new CBS TV drama

Former Cub Andre Dawson has made a post-baseball living as the owner/operator of a funeral home with his wife, Vanessa, and CBS has decided to turn his story into a TV drama series.

According to Deadline, CBS is developing “Closure,” a one-hour TV drama series based loosely on Dawson’s life in the funeral business. Here’s a description of the show’s storyline. 

Written by [Samantha] Corbin-Miller, in Closure, a beloved baseball Hall of Famer takes over his uncle’s funeral home in an unexpected second chapter of his career in the wake of the unsolved disappearance of his adult son. Rocked by his family’s loss, he and his three daughters — a homicide detective, coroner and trauma nurse, who each have their own parallel journeys in the business of death — commit themselves to helping others find the peace and closure their family hasn’t been able to yet.


Dawson took over

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