What Happens When Your Online Catalog Is Easily Shoppable?

Pre-internet, shopping was an endurance sport. It meant spending hours, or days, going from store to store, down aisle after aisle, until finally, maybe, you found what you were looking for. And if you wondered if it was actually cheaper somewhere else, you would have no choice but to summon the energy and start your search all over again.

Online shopping changed everything. Now a world of products—far more than could ever fit on a store shelf—is available at your fingertips. Advanced algorithms make searching for items a breeze. Customer reviews are there to help guide your purchase decisions, and the check-out process is fast and convenient. Best of all, you don’t have to go to the products—they come to you, shipped (often for free) directly to your door.

Not surprisingly, online shopping has exploded in popularity. From an estimated $4 trillion in 2020, the global online shopping industry will

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