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Mastercard is a digital brand of choice for cashless payments

Mastercard Tap & Go® is quickly catching on in Kenya. It is a contactless technology that lets you make everyday purchases quickly and safely with just a tap of your contactless-enabled Mastercard. So checkout is easier than ever, and it’s faster than fumbling with cash.

Globally, it has become a popular technology and this method, rather than inserting or swiping your card and entering a PIN, is revolutionary and is safer given the precautions recommended by WHO due to the ongoing pandemic.

Contactless is a viable solution as users only need to “tap”. It is a safer, cleaner, faster way to pay, as well as offering control over human-to-human interaction at this critical time.

The method of payment is quite simple. Below are the steps when using Mastercard Tap & Go®

  1. Make a purchase with any Mastercard at a merchant that has a contactless terminal.
  2. Hold your card within 4
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Cashless businesses banned only by some local, state laws


As retailers and others try to stay viable during the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re hoping steps like cleaning during store hours, offering hand sanitizer and other safety measures will bring back customers to what has become shopping’s new normal. (July 6)

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The claim: It is unlawful for a business to refuse cash payments from customers; the business can be reported and reprimanded

A growing number of businesses have gone cashless amid the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing forth criticism and false claims online regarding the legality of digital transactions. 

In response to the pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released guidance encouraging retailers to use touchless payment options, but not everyone is happy about the recent rise of electronic payments. Some social media users claim it is illegal to refuse cash payments. 

A social media post claims that if cash is turned down by a store, then the

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