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Week 3 notes: Eagles running out of excuses for Carson Wentz, Dave Gettleman’s hot seat, Josh Alllen MVP, more

After a week of questions about whether Carson Wentz has regressed in Year 5 as the Philadelphia Eagles franchise quarterback, there weren’t many answers in the Week 3 tie to the Cincinnati Bengals. Sure, he scampered for the game-tying touchdown late in the fourth quarter. He also missed a wide-open touchdown pass earlier in the frame that probably would have won the contest. And three overtime possessions—which is nearly impossible with a 10-minute OT period—all ended in punts.

At the end of three weeks, the Eagles are still winless. Wentz is better now than he was in the first two weeks, but still not good. And the City of Brotherly Love just did all the sister-kissing it could against a Bengals team that’s miserable in close games.

“You’re going to miss a couple and you’re gonna make some plays and things happen,” an even-keeled Wentz told reporters after the game.

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Carson Wentz discusses the challenge of remaining confident after Eagles’ start

Wentz discusses the challenge of remaining confident originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Carson Wentz pronounced his confidence intact Wednesday coming off two of the worst games of his life.

Keeping it intact may be the next challenge.

“This business, this game, confidence can turn on people real quickly,” he said. “And for us, it’s going back to what you know. It’s believing in yourself. It’s the entire body of work ever since you were a kid and how you train, how you work, how you prepare. There’s going to be rough times, there’s going to be rough patches. But guys just gotta lean in. I think we have a really good group of guys in this locker room that lean in on each other and trust each other and encourage each other no matter what the outside world’s saying or feeling. We trust each other, we stay together and

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