The H-2A visa needs to be restructured and enforced more carefully | Univision News Opinion

Ignorance should not be bliss. But – as Univision’s recent report on conditions at a major U.S. potato farm makes clear – when it comes to human trafficking, a simple “oops, didn’t know,” seems to be enough to get business owners entirely off the hook for horrific abuses going on under their noses.

If we truly want to end the epidemic of labor trafficking in the United States, that has to change. It is time to start holding business owners accountable for human trafficking on their watch.

And it is long past time to revamp the visa program that, as currently structured, has led to a near epidemic of trafficking in America’s farms and fields at a moment when agriculture workers from overseas have never been more important to the U.S. economy.

The multimedia Univision report, Potato Slaves, tells the story of workers who came to this country legally on

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