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How business students are chasing careers in a changed world

In February, masters in management (MiM) student Zoe Brain was in the midst of the selection process for three graduate programmes at supply chain and logistics management companies. Over the next few months, as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold, those positions “just disappeared”.

Refusing to panic, Brain used her time in lockdown at home in Cumbria, north-west England, to look for new options. In January she will begin a masters in education back at Durham University, where she studied for her MiM in the business school. After this, she plans to qualify as a languages teacher and use the MiM to advance into education management. “You just have to deal with adversity, get on with it and find the positive,” she says.

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Creator of ‘Civilization’ Looks Back at One of the Longest Careers in the Industry

(Bloomberg) — Sid Meier has spent a lot of time thinking about major world events. The video game series he created, Civilization, is a grand tour through thousands of years of history, complete with war, famine and climate change. But the one thing Meier never predicted was Covid-19.


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“I’m not sure we’ve ever had a pandemic in a Civilization game,” Meier says in a recent interview. “We’re all in the midst of this experiment. We’re not the scientists; we’re the guinea pigs.”

Meier, 66, is one of gaming’s living legends — a pioneer of the form who has been developing games for almost 40 years. His first book, Sid Meier’s Memoir!: A Life in Computer Games, hits the shelves Tuesday and recounts his life and career as the Godfather of strategy video games.

“It really struck me that this next generation doesn’t remember a time when there were

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Careers in Small Business Management | Small Business

Small business managers often work very closely with business owners to monitor day-to-day business activities, assist with marketing the business and to hire, motivate and manage staff. Effective small business managers are equipped with the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to drive a business to success and profit with minimal resources and under the direction of the owner. In many instances, the owner of a small business is also the manager.


Individuals with careers in small business management must be committed to the mission, visions and goals of the small business where they’re employed. A part of that commitment involves developing an understanding of the industry by attending trade shows and other industry events, reading related magazines, blogs and books, as well as speaking with the business owner often to determine his needs and desires for the business and its growth.


Both written and verbal communication skills are

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