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Ambow Education Announces Inaugural Certification of 100 Strategic Career Planning Consultants

BEIJING, Oct. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Ambow Education Holding Ltd. (“Ambow”, “Ambow Education” or the “Company”) (NYSE American: AMBO), a leading national provider of educational and career enhancement services in China, today announced that the first 100 trainees have successfully completed the Global Career Quality Assurance program in strategic career planning and received certification since such program was kicked off in late June 2020 on Ambow Huanyujun Education Hub. 

In light of the evolving macro environment now unfolding in the post-pandemic period in China, both individuals and enterprises are facing new uncertainties and challenges finding, identifying and securing suitable employment matches. For individuals this means reassessing personal career management strategies and new potential pathways; for enterprises this accelerates the need to adopt new talent management strategies reflecting new market conditions.

Earlier in 2020, Ambow Education teamed up with Dr. Tom Clawson, Founder and President of Global

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Business of Football: Dak Prescott’s injury won’t significantly hurt his career earnings

In the aftermath of Dak Prescott’s bone-chilling injury and reaction on Sunday, many have asked me about his business decision to turn down a multi-year offer from the Cowboys to instead play on a one-year contract with no security beyond it. Here are some thoughts.

We do not know what the Cowboys were offering, but we do know from their contract history that they prefer long deals—the longer the better—with guarantees only in the low-risk early years of the deal. They have previously signed star players to contracts with lengths up to 10 years, which are essentially one- or two-year contracts with team options following that. Amid that landscape, the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes agreed to a 12-year deal, one that only secures $63 million over the next three years (Ryan Tannehill is making $91 million over the same time frame). Wanting both a better deal from the Cowboys and

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Is Entrepreneurship Your Next Career Move?

Entrepreneurship is on the rise, as new business applications are at their highest level in over a decade. While the country has lost over 10.7 million jobs since February, according to reports from CNN, new businesses launches are exploding. In the midst of uncertainty surrounding the economy and the pushme-pullyou stimulus package, American entrepreneurship is driving signs of recovery. For the week of October 3, applications for new businesses are up 40% vs. one year ago. If you’re frustrated with your career, or the lack of one, it might be time to stop looking for your next job. Why not create one instead? Is it time to launch your own business, and take matters into your own hands? Here’s how to know if entrepreneurship is your next career move:

  1. Where to Look
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Hilco Redevelopment Partners Provides Details of Proposal to Support Career Connected Learning and Jobs for Philadelphia Public School Students

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Hilco Redevelopment Partners today released the details of the Career Connected Learning system presented to the School District of Philadelphia to help prepare Philadelphia School District students for the jobs of tomorrow. The proposal supports real-world classroom readiness training for Philadelphia School District students and prioritizes preparing high school graduates to pursue careers and advancement opportunities. Hilco Redevelopment Partners, the real estate development unit of Hilco Global, remediates and redevelops complex and obsolete industrial properties. 

Philadelphia’s Career Connected Learning system proposal lays out a large-scale plan to pair meaningful, high-quality, on-the-job experiences with classroom training to prepare all students to compete for good jobs and earn industry-valued post-secondary credentials.

“We commend the School Board’s considerable effort to ensure all young people graduate from high school prepared to pursue sustainable careers that pay a living wage and create ongoing opportunities to advance,” says Roberto

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The advice that shaped Insitro CFO Mary Rozenman’s biotech career

Mary Rozenman initially set out to be a doctor, after watching her sister deal with uncontrolled epilepsy throughout her childhood.

But she realized in college, that blood made her cringe. Instead, Rozenman got her doctorate in organic chemistry and chemical biology from Harvard University. 

Then as a 26-year-old working under David Liu, a gene-editing pioneer, something about drug development didn’t sit right with the young chemist. Among the thousands of new discoveries each year, just a small handful of them make it through the “funnel,” she said.

“I envisioned a funnel, where you have at the top of the funnel all of these amazing discoveries and innovations that sort of move through the system,” Rozenman told Business Insider. 

“And somehow only a small handful of them get filtered into medicines that actually make it out into the real world’s drug supply,” she said.

Rozenman needed to understand how that funnel

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Future-Proof Your Career & Company: Galvanize Debuts Part-Time Software Engineering Professional Development Courses

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–An early 2020 report found that 87% of employers were already experiencing a skills gap, or expected to within the next few years – particularly in the software engineering fields. Further, there is a notable absence of mentorship in the computer programming industry for those looking for ways to grow their careers. Thus, the average software developer must perform self-mentorship to become better craftspeople and to guide themselves through their own career advancement.

To meet these demands, Galvanize, a leader in developing talent and capabilities for individuals and corporations in technical fields such as software engineering and data science, is today introducing yet another solution: ten part-time, professional development Hack Reactor courses for experienced individuals looking to grow their careers.

While there are many educational opportunities for software developers in the market, including one-off courses and topic-specific subscriptions to online graduate degrees, Galvanize’s new courses fill a

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Bastrop EDC partners with art foundry, ACC for career training, technology growth – News – Austin American-Statesman

The Bastrop City Council on Sept. 22 approved an agreement between the Bastrop Economic Development Corporation and the local Deep in the Heart Art Foundry to produce career training opportunities and a technology center in Bastrop.

The partnership involves the expansion of two Bastrop businesses to three different locations and more than $2 million in capital improvements.

The Texas Workforce Solutions and Austin Community College are also included in the partnership.

The agreement calls for the construction and design of a classroom and workshop space at 402 Technology Drive in the Bastrop Business and Industrial Park, which will be used by ACC to offer morning and evening HVAC and welding training and certifications.

Registration for the classes opens in October. ACC plans to begin the first phase of mobile training classes in the Bastrop Business and Industrial Park by November.

BEDC CEO Cameron Cox said the economic development corporation will

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The story of Trump’s business career, his taxes and his debt

  • A bombshell New York Times report claims that Trump paid only $750 in federal income taxes in 2016, and nothing at all for much of the previous decade, a major contrast with his image as a self-made billionaire.
  • Trump’s business career shows a series of flashy and ambitious investments that go bust, sometimes ending in bankruptcy, with Trump moving on from the wreckage each time.
  • Multiple reported windfalls throughout Trump’s career — from inheriting millions as a child to the millions he began earning as a reality-TV star from ‘The Apprentice’ — have given major boosts to Trump’s investments over the decades.
  • Another windfall arguably came in 2016, when Trump was elected president.
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Visiting my grandmother in Queens in the late ’80s and early ’90s meant a few things.

There were the M&M’s she always had laying out on her coffee table, usually

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Google partners with COOP Career to help small business launch digital storefronts on Shopify

The effort could earn Google some goodwill in the city at a time when lawmakers at both the local and federal front have pushed for stronger antitrust enforcement against the company and fellow tech giants Amazon, Apple and Facebook.

Angela Pinsky, a senior government affairs manager for Google, said the program fits within its Grow With Google campaign for small businesses.

“As an organization, we are trying to figure out how we can be most helpful to these small businesses that are quickly pivoting online,” Pinsky said.

The company is reaching out to city agencies, chambers of commerce and business improvement districts to find applicants, she said.

Google said it will pay the COOP graduates $20 per hour for the length of the program, which includes 30 hours of training on Shopify and Google products.

Shopify—an Ontario-based company with a market cap of more than $100 billion—is not otherwise involved

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5 Strategies For Advancing Your Career In A Tough Job Market

Though current unemployment rates are still well above pre-pandemic levels, the labor market appears to be recovering slowly. With the future of federal unemployment benefits in limbo, many who were recently laid off or furloughed will be looking for work in the coming months, joining the latest cohort of college graduates venturing out into the real world.

If you’re in one of these categories, be prepared for some unique challenges. Not only will you likely face more competition than candidates did in prior years, but you’ll also have to find new ways to dazzle prospective employers in the absence of face-to-face job fairs, traditional networking events, and in-person interviews.

The good news? The job search will get easier over time as companies ramp up hiring efforts that might’ve slowed or halted during the pandemic. Even if companies aren’t hiring today, they will be eventually. Pre-pandemic, the economy’s fundamentals were

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