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Economics Award Caps Week of Nobel Prizes | Business News

STOCKHOLM (AP) — The winner of this year’s Nobel Prize in economics will be announced Monday, coming as much of the world experiences the worst recession since World War II because of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

The award caps a week of Nobel Prizes and is technically known as the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel. Since its establishment in 1969, it has been awarded 51 times and is now widely considered one of the Nobel prizes.

Last year’s award went to two researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a third from Harvard University, for their groundbreaking research into efforts to reduce global poverty.

Few economists could have predicted last fall that the globe would come to a virtual standstill within months, as governments closed their borders, imposed lockdowns and ordered other measures to stop the spread of COVID-19, triggering a

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S&P 500 Weekly Update: Dow Transports And Small Caps Lead This Leg Of The Rally

“There is only one side to the stock market; and it is not the bull side or the bear side, but the right side.”Jesse Livermore

Anyone who follows the equity market realizes that they are faced with what I described last week as a foggy outlook in the near term. When that occurs, I try not to get swayed and then sidetracked into forgetting the long-term trends that are in place.

An investor has to be reactionary waiting for the market to give them clues, then reacting appropriately. I take my leads from price action, momentum, sentiment, and other indicators. All designed for me to decipher what the market is telling me. Never drifting too far from the one key that serves as the foundation of my current strategy. That is staying focused on the major trend that is in place, and that remains without question in favor

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SBS Language | Visa holders ‘exempt by policy’ can take up spots under Australia’s international arrival caps, confirms ABF

The Australian Border Force commissioner’s confirmation to the Senate committee means there is no guarantee that the additional 1,600 spots added to the weekly cap on international arrivals will only be allocated to Australian citizens and permanent residents stranded overseas.

This means they can in fact also be taken up by holders of Business Innovation and Investment visa (Subclass 188) – who now fall into the ‘exempt category’, as a result of a policy change that started to reflect on the Department of Home Affairs website on 19 September, earlier this month.


  • Visa holders ‘exempt by policy’ can take up spots under the cap on international arrivals, confirms ABF
  • Business (subclass 188) visa holders no longer need to apply for individual travel exemptions
  • 25% of people sent into hotel quarantine were non-Australian citizens or non-residents

Responding to a question raised by Labor frontbencher Kristina Keneally during a public hearing

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