Capgemini on how to scale digital transformation projects

  • Digital transformation is one of the buzziest topics right now after the coronavirus pandemic forced companies in every industry to quickly adopt new technology. 
  • But it’s difficult to sustain those efforts, and the vast majority still fail to expand beyond the pilot stage to the whole enterprise. 
  • To overcome that hurdle, companies should appoint “digital evangelists” whose sole responsibility it is to oversee the transformations, according to consulting firm Capgemini’s Adam Rubin. 
  • “It’s easy to just create an innovation lab because it’s the flavor of the month,” he told Business Insider. “It’s much harder, but much more rewarding, to treat innovation overall as a discipline.” 
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Digital transformation became an even more buzzy concept in the last few months as the coronavirus pandemic upended nearly every industry, forcing companies to quickly adopt new and novel technology to adapt to life

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