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Presidential Candidate De La Fuente Pledges More Funding for Police to Assist With Training for Diversity and Alternatives to Deadly Force

PORTLAND, Maine–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct 5, 2020–

Alliance Party of Maine presidential candidate Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente today announced his plan to provide additional funding for the nation’s police forces to develop training programs in diversity and inclusion and also to help them identify appropriate policy alternatives to the use of deadly force.

“I reject the idea of defunding police departments, and in fact will work to increase funding for this important training. I believe the majority in the policing profession do not deliberately, intentionally or routinely discriminate against citizens based on race or national origin,” said De La Fuente, the son of Mexican immigrants. “Nor does the majority immediately prefer to apply deadly force during an arrest gone bad or in a non-life-threatening situation. Some do, however, and that’s why this training plan is so needed.”

The details, scope and application methods of the training programs will be determined by

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TriSalus Life Sciences Lays Out Therapeutic Strategy Upon Acquisition of First Therapeutic Candidate

DENVER & CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TriSalus Life Sciences (TriSalus), an emerging immuno-oncology company committed to transforming outcomes for patients with solid tumors, announced today its therapeutic clinical development strategy following the successful acquisition of SD-101, an investigational IND-ready immunotherapy, from Dynavax Technologies on August 3, 2020.

SD-101 is an investigational toll-like receptor 9 (TLR9) agonist that has been tested in Phase 2 clinical trials for advanced cutaneous melanoma and head and neck cancer, evaluating efficacy, safety, and the ability to increase responsiveness to checkpoint inhibitors in PD-L1 negative tumors. By combining SD-101 with TriSalus’ proprietary FDA cleared, drug delivery technologies, TriSalus will deliver the agent into the local vasculature of solid tumors. The Company intends to begin evaluating SD-101 in patients with uveal melanoma liver metastases followed by testing in patients with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma and colorectal cancer liver metastases. In addition, a separate program for locally advanced pancreatic ductal

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Cummings candidate for UK ARPA drops out, setting back agency: Source

  • The UK’s plan to create a $1 billion blue-skies innovation agency has been set back after the government’s top candidate to run it dropped out.
  • Renowned Australian computer scientist Michael Nielsen had been lined up to run the agency but dropped out in July or August, one source told Business Insider. Nielsen did not respond to requests for comment.
  • Nielsen, based in San Francisco, felt he would not have enough freedom to run the agency as he wished, the source said.
  • A government spokesman said: “The government continues to progress plans to establish the agency as soon as possible.”
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The UK’s efforts to establish a new $1 billion moonshots agency for cutting-edge research have been set back after the top candidate to lead it dropped out of the running.

Renowned Australian quantum physicist and programmer Michael Nielsen was the favored candidate, a source

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Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden works his union base from south central Pennsylvania on Labor Day, and why that matters

HARRISBURG – Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden spent the bulk of his Labor Day in south central Pennsylvania Monday, holding a backyard chat with local labor leaders in Lancaster, and later headlining a Facebook Live event targeted at AFL-CIO members nationally from downtown Harrisburg.

In keeping with a pandemic-limited campaign, these were low-wattage events that did not grab a lot of attention from the general public; at 5 p.m., a crowd estimated at about 50 Biden supporters waited outside the state AFL-CIO state headquarters on North 2nd Street, hoping for a glimpse of Biden as he left.

Biden waved to them from an upper-story window before departing the union offices. It was the closest thing to mixing with the public that the campaign had scheduled for a holiday weekend when candidates traditionally like to touch as many voters as they can.

But what might seem to many like a

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Arizona Senate candidate Jae Chin faced harassment from S. Korean regime


One legislative candidate’s seven-word Facebook biography attempts to capture his complex life in the simplest terms: “Freedom Fighter, political prisoner, received death penalty.”

Jae Chin, a small-business owner from Mesa vying for a seat in Arizona Senate, said he was a victim of harassment and worse by the former South Korean military government after fleeing to the United States.

It’s a backstory that he said involves an attempt to frame him for conspiring to assassinate a U.S. president, coercion by a Korean spy agency and the attempted murder of his father. That all happened in Texas, before Jae Chin and his family moved to Arizona for a fresh start.

Now, the dry cleaning business owner, who is a Republican running on a platform of being a champion for small businesses and liaison to the Korean community, says he hopes to put his past behind him to start another new

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