Campfire Cannabis hopes to bring nostalgia for weekend getaways and a wide array of marijuana products to Central Massachusetts

This spot in West Boylston feels like a camping retreat in the mountains. There’s a tent, a canoe, a vintage Coleman grill and plenty of firewood.

While it has all the makings of an outdoor weekend getaway, it’s actually the home to Campfire Cannabis, a marijuana shop planning to open soon in West Boylston.

When the Patel family decided to break into the state’s emerging marijuana industry, they wanted to create an atmosphere that was nostalgic, interactive and comfortable. It’s a departure from the decor seen at some of the state’s retail cannabis shops, where sleek countertops and clean lines offer a modern ambiance.

“One reason why we chose campfire is when we’re going out hiking or by a campfire, a lot of it is a sense of community with your friends, with your family. We wanted to bring that inside the store,” said Nehar Patel, chief business officer at

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