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Mike Pence campaigns for Trump in Orlando

Vice President Mike Pence campaigns for Trump in Central Florida

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Yeah, well, hello, Florida. Yeah. President Juan Carlos Amnesty. It was wonderful. Daughter Carlina for the students and faculty here. It’s Central Christian University State Committeewoman Debbie Galvin, my fellow Americans. It is great to be back in the Sunshine State with some great Americans were going to drive a victory here in Florida and all across America. Thank you. Latinos for Trump. You want your life, E love? I love it because I’m here for one reason and one reason only is it Florida and America need forem or years of President Donald Trump in a it’s on and the road to victory runs right through Florida. Okay, it really is great to be with you all. And if you got to see, you could take it. I

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Campaigns spar over debate plan after Trump rejects virtual faceoff

A quick series of conversations between ABC News and the Biden campaign led to the network’s announcement of a town hall in Philadelphia with Biden next Thursday, to be moderated by anchor George Stephanopoulos. The debate commission — whose leaders were still en route back to Washington from Wednesday’s vice presidential debate in Utah — did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The move by Biden’s team effectively ended the possibility of the second official debate’s going forward as planned, and it appeared to lock Trump into the position he had taken early Thursday to shun the virtual forum proposed by the debate commission.

Trump, whose recent contraction of the coronavirus was a significant impetus for the commission to modify its plans, had immediately dismissed the idea of a remote debate as “ridiculous” and accused the commission without evidence of seeking to protect his Democratic opponent.

“No, I’m not

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