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Ideas in the Wild: How Chad Willardson is Calling Out the Obstacles Blocking People’s Path to Financial Freedom

Every day people are bombarded by ideas that could derail their financial future. Bad advice, differing expert opinions, and sales pitches are everywhere. They’re faced with important money decisions that could either be very costly or really pay off in the long run.

Whether they personally have $100,000 or $100 million, they feel the burden and stress of making the best moves for their future despite a lot of uncertainty. How do they decide what to do with their money? Where do they turn for financial advice? What if they’ve been misled?

Chad Willardson wrote Stress-Free Money to show people how to overcome the seven obstacles standing between them and financial freedom. He exposes the risks, biases, and major mistakes that keep so many people from reaching their goals. I recently caught up with Chad to learn what inspired him to write the book and which idea he shares is

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Business Leaders Speak Out After Sending Letter Calling On De Blasio To Fix Quality Of Life Issues

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – In a stunning and unusual move, more than 150 top business leaders called on Mayor Bill de Blasio to take decisive actions to fix quality of life issues that they say jeopardize the city’s recovery.

As CBS2’s political reporter Marcia Kramer reports, even from day one, when Bill de Blasio shoveled snow from his Park Slope brownstone but couldn’t plow the streets, there were questions about his ability to do the job. Now, with trash piling up, homeless encampments proliferating and gun violence growing, there are even more questions about his ability to steer the ship of state and instill confidence.

“I think we really need the mayor to demonstrate leadership, instill a sense of confidence … The problem right now is there hasn’t been a demonstrated level of focus from the mayor,” said Scott Rechler, chief executive of RXR Realty.

LINK: Tracking Shootings

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Google’s Phone app comes to more devices, and can now tell you why a business is calling

Google has officially announced a new “Verified Calls” feature for its phone app, which is designed to give more information when a business is calling you. Compatible calls will show a company’s name, branding, a small badge to show that it’s verified, and a reason for its call.

The feature is coming to the Google Phone app, which typically comes preloaded on Pixel and Android One phones. However, Google says it will now be available to download on a “limited” set of additional phones running Android Pie and higher, including flagship handsets from Samsung and LG. Compatible phones will be able to grab the app from the Google Play Store and then set it as their default phone calling app.

Depending on how businesses use it, the verified calls feature could be enormously helpful, not just to let you know who’s calling (helping avoid spam calls), but also to make

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