No longer business-as-usual, action plan must to revive tourism : The Tribune India

Take precautions, ease travel restrictions & sensitise travellers to soften the Covid blow, feel residents

Rebuild tourism in phased manner

September 27 is observed as the World Tourism Day. But this year, it was celebrated under Covid shadow. The WHO experts claim that the virus is going to be with us till 2022 or even longer. There is no doubt that the tourism industry is one of the first casualties of this pandemic. But other industries such as automobile and cinemas have also been hit badly. As a result, so many people suffered and lost their jobs and earnings. To revive the tourism in the state, some special steps have to be taken. First of all people and pilgrims must be asked to get Covid-19 negative certificate from the relevant authorities. Face masks must be worn properly. Hand sanitisation should also be observed. In buses and trains social, rather physical,

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