Microsoft Has a Remarkably Simple Way to Help Your Team Avoid Burnout While Working Remotely

Working from home wasn’t supposed to be a thing that most people did for more than a few weeks. It was just a temporary situation in response to what most people thought would be a short-term circumstance. That was the idea, at least at first. Now, six months later, there’s very little end in sight, and it’s starting to take a very real toll on both individuals and organizations. 

One of the biggest problems is that the boundary between work and everything else in our lives has blurred considerably now that we do almost all of it in the same space. People who used to commute for 20 or 30 minutes (or in many cases even longer) now walk from the bedroom to the kitchen where they set up their laptop on the dining table. 

As a result, Microsoft’s latest  Work Trend Report shows that people are spending, on average,

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