Stimulus stall leaves ‘Main Street burning’: Stanford business prof

As talks in Washington, D.C. over a new round of financial and economic stimulus continue, Stanford Graduate School of Business lecturer and small business advisor David Dodson doesn’t like what he sees on Main Street or for the U.S. economy.

Dodson, who once ran for the U.S. Senate in Wyoming and has served as CEO and chairman at multiple companies including an auto parts retailer and trucking company, told CNBC that the fourth quarter is make-or-break for many Main Street owners and retailers and the lack of progress on stimulus could lead to another wave of bankruptcies that end up doing significant damage to the national economy.

“We knew in April the bridge that we built wasn’t going to get us to the other side. We squandered five months during an election process. … we’ve got an emergency on our hands. It’s make-or-break,” for small retailers, he said.

The retail

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