Local business burglarized hours after doing good dead

GRANITE CITY, Ill. — This week, our I-Team got help for a woman who had a dangerous tree dangling dead branches above her yard.
Now the company that stepped in to solve the problem, needs some help too.

The property next door was abandoned and overgrown. The I-Team tried repeatedly to get the attention of Kerber’s Alderman and city officials with no luck.

When it seemed no one in Granite City would help Kerber deal with the dangerous tree next door, a complete stranger, Lance Howard with Madcow outdoor service offered to help for free.

His crew trimmed the branches that kept falling and injuring Kerber’s little dog, Toby. It was thousands of dollars worth of work that Howard was happy to do for free, as part of his Trees for Heroes program

Once a month, Howard says he tries to do a free tree job for a veteran or

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