Scammers pretending to be from Amazon have been spoofing the Better Business Bureau’s phone number

DETROIT – Con artists are posing as Amazon employees, calling people, and claiming to need information about their account, according to the Better Business Bureau.

The scammers have been spoofing the Better Business Bureau’s number while making this scam calls. Scammers use caller ID spoofing technology to impersonate phone numbers.

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How does the scam work?

The scammers call and when you answer you get a recorded message claiming to be from Amazon stating there is a problem with your Amazon account.

The message might say there’s a fraudulent charge on your Prime card, a package was lost or damaged or you have an unfulfilled order for an iPhone 10.

The scammers are trying to get your personal information. Don’t give it to them. The scammers might ask for your credit card or account login information.

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