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Why Warren Buffett’s Protege Just Bought This Dirt-Cheap Brick-and-Mortar Retailer

Looks as if one of Warren Buffett’s two younger lieutenants at Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRK-A) (NYSE:BRK-B) just made a la.rge deep-value investment. Ted Wechsler, who joined Berkshire in 2011, recently disclosed that he had personally bought 1.08 million shares of Dillard’s (NYSE:DDS), the beleaguered department store, good for 5.89% of its outstanding shares. We don’t know exactly when Wechsler had been buying, though we do know that he crossed the 5% mark on Sept 29, necessitating a filing. Of note, Wechsler made this purchase personally, and not as part of Berkshire’s equity portfolio.

Dillard’s had seen relatively lackluster business even before COVID-19 hit, which caused an even bigger drop in sales. Moreover, the company was removed from the S&P MidCap 400 Index in June, as its market cap plunged below $1 billion after the stock has fallen a whopping 43% this year.

So what has Wechsler believing Dillard’s is a

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4 Tips for Taking Your Brick-and-Mortar Store to the Online Realm

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This year has been rough for brick and mortar retailers. Data from Yelp shows that 60 percent of temporary business closures related to COVID-19 have now become permanent. Many big-name brands have filed for bankruptcy as they’ve seen retail sales dry up.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, ecommerce is thriving like never before. Statista reports that ecommerce site traffic in May and June of 2020 actually eclipsed the traffic levels of the 2019 holiday shopping season.

As brick and mortar stores continue to struggle with government restrictions and the public’s desire to avoid outings that could lead to COVID-19 exposure, the need to take businesses online has never been more urgent.

Even if you’re late to the online game, however, you can still make a successful transition.

1. Choose the right hosting platform


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Future for brick-and-mortar retail is omnichannel, says Visa

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  • Physical stores continue to dominate the retail share in UAE and Saudi Arabia, however, e-commerce sees higher growth during the pandemic
  • Building convergence between digital and physical channels is now critical for merchants of all sizes to navigate through the crisis and stay alive
  • Visa is committed to helping small businesses make the transition to providing omni-channel experiences through its ‘Where You Shop Matters’ initiative

The future of brick-and-mortar is still bright for retailers who create a seamless integration between in-store and online experiences, supported by streamlined digital platforms and analytics, according to trends revealed during a webinar by Visa, the world’s leader in digital payments.

The Future Retail Experience webinar shared Visa’s top data and insights to support the retail sector as the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to impact businesses across the globe.

According to Visa’s data and

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A Small Business Guide to Brick-and-Mortar Stores

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Male business owner behind the counter in a clothing store

No one can overstate the impact that COVID-19 has had on retail businesses. With statewide lockdowns imposed in a bid to curb the spread of the virus, brick-and-mortar retailers have been some of the worst-hit businesses. All many could do was watch as customers flocked to businesses with an online storefront and home delivery services.

It’s often said that online retail stores have been the “winners” of the pandemic, but what does that mean for the future of brick-and-mortar retailers? And, as the pandemic continues, how do brick-and-mortar stores continue to survive and thrive given such uncertainty?

In this guide, we’ll go through what it means to be a brick-and-mortar store, their benefits in the modern age, and what the future holds for physical stores as the uncertainties that come with the COVID-19 pandemic persist.

Overview: What

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TD Bank savings rates: higher than APY for most brick-and-mortar banks

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TD Bank (Member FDIC) has two savings accounts: Beyond Savings and Simple Savings. The better account for you depends on how much money you plan to keep there.

Note that while TD Bank pays higher rates than most brick-and-mortar banks, you can find better rates with online banks.

Standard savings rates

At the very minimum, you’ll earn the following standard savings rates with a TD Beyond Savings Account:

Balance Standard APY
$0.01 – $19,999.99 0.01%
$20,000 – $249,999.99 0.05%
$250,000 + 0.10%

Relationship savings rates

TD Bank makes it pretty easy to qualify for a “relationship rate,” or a higher rate as a reward for having another TD Bank product.

You’ll earn the

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