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“A Business Is A Living And Breathing Organism”

The name Ian Schrager is both familiar and inspirational.

Perhaps seen as the original ‘disrupter’, Ian is known for his work in real estate, development and hotels. Some would go as far as saying he was the original founder of the ‘boutique’ hotel.

As the world still finds itself in a Covid-travel bubble, I have interviewed top leaders in the hospitality industry (as my new series) about their stance on the travel and hospitality industry.

Is it in trouble?

Will it bounce back?

When will the world embrace their wanderlust?

The hotel industry is showing its resilience with hotels opening up as scheduled this year as I previously documented for Forbes.

One of those hotels is Ian’s EDITION in Tokyo with big chain, Marriott Hotels.

The hotel opening was tamed to say the least in comparison to other EDITION

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Four Strategies For Identifying Financial Breathing Room In Your Business

Sole Founder/CEO of PostcardMania. Joy bootstrapped her business to $62 million in 2019 with only a phone, a computer and postcards.

After the initial shock of Covid-19, no job seemed safe — unemployment during the pandemic peaked around mid-April at roughly 14%.

My company, PostcardMania, was facing the same predicament as everyone. With this dip in the economy, and weekly earnings down 41%, where should I make cuts to stay afloat? Payroll cuts, while an ugly option, would seem to be one of the more practical cutbacks for a financially struggling business, especially one with 282 salaries.

However, I had this burning feeling that all of the hard work and expense we had invested into finding and training our staff was something we had to hold onto (not to mention the responsibility I felt to the families of all of those individuals). So instead of furloughing or laying

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