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Mastercard sees benefits from sonic branding

Mastercard, the payments company, believes that effective sonic branding can help enhance brand attributes such as differentiation, image, identity and emotional connectivity with consumers.

Greg Boosin, executive vice president, global business-to-business and product marketing at Mastercard, discussed this subject at the 2020 Association of National Advertisers (ANA) State of Audio online conference.

“Sonic branding creates brand recall and solidifies a new element of your branding into your repertoire,” he said. (For more, read WARC’s in-depth report: How Mastercard is developing a multi-sensory brand – from sight and sound to taste.)

“Sonic brands [appeal] directly to your subconscious and they do that through logos, music tracks, live music events, phone sounds and computer sounds … If you’re not thinking about this, you ought to be.”

Mastercard conducted two years of research into how its brand might be translated into the audio realm, and worked with artists, composers, musicologists and agencies. It

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12 Inventive Ways To Prepare Branding Strategies To Leverage LinkedIn Trends

Since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has served as the premier online platform for professional networking. Over the years, the site has grown rapidly, constantly adjusting to changes in the business landscape. In the wake of a massive shift toward remote work and virtual events, the months and years to come will likely bring more changes for LinkedIn and its users.

As successful business and career coaches, the members of Forbes Coaches Council keep their fingers on the pulse of current and emerging industry trends. Below, they share 12 LinkedIn trends they expect to see in the future and tips for how your company can best prepare its branding strategy to leverage them.

1. Employee Ambassadorship

LinkedIn will continue the trend of encouraging companies to use their employees as brand ambassadors.

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Master the Art of Digital Branding With 10 Courses for $45

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Many of the world’s biggest companies did not reinvent the wheel — they merely built a strong brand. If you would like to follow suit, the All-In-One Digital Branding Certification Bundle provides a comprehensive guide. It includes 10 courses on branding, and you can get it now for just $45.

Whether you are trying to cultivate a personal image or promote your business online, branding skills are invaluable. This bundle introduces the tools and techniques used by branding experts.

Through concise video tutorials, you learn how to build an audience on social media and blog your way to popularity. This includes tips on creating visual posts, writing compelling content, hiring influencers, and measuring your success.

The courses also look at website design and copywriting. You’ll discover how to build sites that drive sales, with no coding skills required.

All the training comes from top online

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A.I. Branding Platform Empowers Small Business and Startups with Complete DIY Service

ZeBrand puts the power and depth of expert branding agencies in the hands of small businesses and startups with their complete, self-generating branding toolkits.

NEW YORK, Sept. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ZeBrand is a complete DIY branding platform that uses algorithmic logic to create complete brand strategies and generate brand designs and identities for emerging businesses.

A.I. Branding Platform ZeBrand Empowers Small Business and Startups with Complete DIY Branding Service

The service aims to make branding more accessible than ever and is efficient, simple, and cost-effective.

Companies are guided by the service as they refine and distill their thinking about who their target customer is, their vision, brand story, and messaging. ZeBrand’s artificial intelligence then gathers this information and creates complete brand blueprints that provide value previously accessible to only large internationally known brands with larger budgets and time commitments.

According to a recent Richtopia.com article titled, “How

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