Proposals to hold newly arrived asylum seekers offshore branded ‘illegal, expensive and illogical’

Proposals to hold newly arrived asylum seekers on disused ferries or overseas have been branded “illegal, expensive and illogical” by immigration experts, former civil servants and politicians.

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Leaked reports have shown Priti Patel’s Home Office considered plans to process migrants off the UK mainland and also looked at floating walls to block asylum seekers crossing the Channel from Calais.

Matthew Rycroft, permanent secretary at the Home Office, told MPs on Thursday that “all options were on the table”.

But the plans were branded “inhumane” by Labour leader Keir Starmer, who said: “This isn’t creative thinking, this is lurching from one ridiculous proposition to the next.”

Ex-civil servants and prominent lawyers told The Independent the proposals were “unrealistic” and rooted in an attempt to “look tough” on the issue of immigration, when in fact they would do nothing to solve any problem – instead generating higher

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