Bozeman city commission to consider draft of plan to guide growth | News

The city of Bozeman is in the final stages of completing a new community plan, which will guide Bozeman’s growth for the next 20 years.

The draft plan will be presented to the city commission at its next meeting on Oct. 6, and is scheduled to a vote in late November. During a virtual public meeting Wednesday, city staff discussed how the plan — which is guided by seven broad themes and a map designating future uses for parcels of land — will actually be implemented.

The plan isn’t regulatory, meaning that the measures it lays out won’t automatically become law once it’s adopted, but it does guide future zoning and development decisions. The plan is not retroactive, community development manager Chris Saunders said Wednesday.

“The city does amend its regulations as needed to implement the (community plan) policies,” Saunders said. “Then once those regulations have been adopted they do

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