Small firms suffer as banks make it harder to get a bounce-back loan

Quitting his IT job two years ago to start a beer tour business was a dream for Mike Hampshire.

But his hopes of breaking even in his second year of operation were crushed when the coronavirus crisis hit in spring.

Now the future of his Leeds-based business is in serious doubt as he’s been unable to get a bounce-back loan.

“Without a loan to tide me over I’m going to have to look for other work,” he said.

He’s not the only small business owner struggling to survive without being able to get a loan through the government scheme.

Mr Bounceback, an anonymous northern businessman behind a website which helps struggling small firms, said he has heard from lots of people with problems.

“Several banks are not accepting new customers, and the majority of them have chosen to only allow their existing customers to apply, or even worse some lenders

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