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Why Warren Buffett’s Protege Just Bought This Dirt-Cheap Brick-and-Mortar Retailer

Looks as if one of Warren Buffett’s two younger lieutenants at Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRK-A) (NYSE:BRK-B) just made a la.rge deep-value investment. Ted Wechsler, who joined Berkshire in 2011, recently disclosed that he had personally bought 1.08 million shares of Dillard’s (NYSE:DDS), the beleaguered department store, good for 5.89% of its outstanding shares. We don’t know exactly when Wechsler had been buying, though we do know that he crossed the 5% mark on Sept 29, necessitating a filing. Of note, Wechsler made this purchase personally, and not as part of Berkshire’s equity portfolio.

Dillard’s had seen relatively lackluster business even before COVID-19 hit, which caused an even bigger drop in sales. Moreover, the company was removed from the S&P MidCap 400 Index in June, as its market cap plunged below $1 billion after the stock has fallen a whopping 43% this year.

So what has Wechsler believing Dillard’s is a

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3 Stocks I Bought This Week

The global economy has a nearly insatiable appetite for power. Not the political kind, but the energy that drives modern life by fueling the flow of goods, people, and data

For decades, the economy relied on fossil fuels to supply it with the energy needed to keep moving. However, it has slowly pivoted to more sustainable sources like renewable energy in recent years. Given the rapid decline in costs and growing climate-change concerns, that transition appears poised to accelerate — so I’m shifting more of my portfolio toward sustainable energy sources by building a basket of renewable-energy stocks.

This week I added to that mini-portfolio by purchasing more shares of renewable-energy yieldcos Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure (NASDAQ:AY), Clearway Energy (NYSE:CWEN) (NYSE:CWEN-A), and NextEra Energy Partners (NYSE:NEP). Here’s why I’m pouring more capital into the sector, and this particular trio of sustainable-energy stocks.

The word BUY formed out of wooden blocks

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Even in

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Yes, a Market Crash Is Coming — And Yes, I Bought This Cheap Stock Anyway

I’m not going to bury the lede on this one, folks: The S&P 500 is expensive.

At a recent valuation of nearly 29 times trailing earnings, the stock market as a whole has only been as expensive as it is today a handful of times in the past 150 years. On average, if you buy a share of stock today, it will take you nearly three decades for that stock to earn enough money to pay back your investment. And historically speaking, when stock markets get as expensive as this one currently is, they’re bound to crash sooner or later. 

But so what? Just because most stocks are expensive doesn’t mean all of them are. And in fact, despite how expensive the S&P is on the whole, I’ve found one stock that’s cheap enough that I think it’s worth a gamble: Costamare (NYSE:CMRE).

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Buy low

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