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Improving the Customer Experience Can Increase Your Bottom Line With This Training

If you’re running an online business, it’s absolutely imperative that you don’t overlook customer experience (CX). According to research, 86 percent of customers will pay more for an improved customer experience. Customers don’t want to go to your website only to find it completely unusable. A streamlined design, functional platform, and support infrastructure that answers people’s questions quickly and reliably are all crucial elements of customer experience. They could also all increase your bottom line.

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If you’re new to CX, Customer Experience 101 can be a lifesaver. In this online training and certification course, you’ll learn how to create the happiest customers in the world. You’ll review basic CX theories and understand how to implement them immediately.

Starting with the fundamentals, you’ll cover what CX is and why it’s so important; how to create and manage effective CX programs; and how to measure each program’s success. Through

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Triple Bottom Line In Business: People, Planet, Profit

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In today’s day and age, there is a dire need for business to transition into a nature-positive future. According to the report, The Future of Nature and Business, 15 nature-positive transitions by businesses can generate $10.1 trillion and 395 million jobs. Scientists have continuously been warning about the vulnerable spot important biomes such as the Amazon have been coerced into, rendering them at the cusp of irreversible tipping points. We need to ponder on our role in this battle, both, at a global leadership, as well as at an individual level. There is a need to devise a long term sustainable solution as the pandemic is not only an unprecedented clarion call but also an opportunity to deploy a reset button.

Research shows that $44 trillion

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