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Why Is #Resistance Hero Alyssa Milano’s Husband Dave Bugliari Joining Forces With Trump Booster Steve Cohen?

In August, a dozen high-profile Hollywood agents staged an exodus. In the cutthroat ecosystem of entertainment agencies, it is not uncommon for agents to poach clients or leave to start other firms. But the resignations came suddenly, en masse, and among agents at the height of their power—representing Bradley Cooper, Margot Robbie, Tiffany Haddish, and Zac Efron between them—at a moment of unrelenting furloughs and layoffs. It sounded a warning shot unheard since 1995, when Ari Emanuel and three colleagues raided their own offices at ICM in the middle of the night to launch its competitor, Endeavor.

“This is new,” said entertainment lawyer Lindsey Conner. “It’s the first time a bunch of agents have left a bunch of different agencies all at the same time. I think that’s because the agencies are under a lot of pressure right now.”

The reason for the mass defection soon became clear. In

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Govt plans new booster dose to revive economy; relief for middle class, small business on cards

With the Indian economy in the doldrums, the Modi government is likely to announce yet another booster dose to provide relief to the middle class and to bring the faltering economy back on track.

The Indian Express reported that this time the government’s new stimulus package will focus on the non-salaried middle class and small businessmen, who have been the worst affected due to the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns and the resultant disruptions in their businesses and jobs. 

The new fiscal stimulus package is likely to emphasise on the groups that are not entirely poor, but are also not rich. However, the quantum of the package has yet to be finalised.

As the lockdown is almost over and most states in the country are slowly opening up businesses and services, the Finance ministry feels that a new stimulus package at this time will lead to desired results. The ministry has been

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