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Got stamps? Pandemic is fueling a boom in greeting card sales and some are pretty cheeky

Early this year, Lynda Junge watched her Downers Grove, Ill., wedding invitation business grind to a halt as the coronavirus pandemic caused couples to postpone their nuptials.

On a whim, she designed a handful of Mother’s Day cards for her business, Greenstar Paperie, riffing on social-distancing and other related themes. She posted the cards to the online marketplace Etsy and started hearing cash register-like notifications on her smartphone.

“They went off like crazy,” she said.

Among her bestsellers are cards that say, “Hi friend, this is your snail mail sanity check. You good?” and “Waving from a safe distance. It’s just not the same over Zoom.”

Junge, 41, is expecting an even bigger boom heading into the holiday season as people socially distanced from friends and family look to connect during the emotional roller coaster that is 2020.

A July study by the online photo company Shutterfly found the number

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Amid U.S. Golf Boom, Struggling Hawaii Courses Look To Pre-Travel Testing For Needed Boost

Anyone who’s played Ko’Olau Golf Course on Oahu has surely regaled fellow golfers with stories of playing one of the most difficult and visually stunning courses in the world – soaring mountains, lush green surroundings, and forced carries over deep ravines. The oft-repeated joke is that the course record at Ko’Olau was 63… lost balls, that is. And you’d be hard-pressed to find a layout anywhere that looks like a better setting for a Jurassic Park movie.

Sadly, Ko’Olau has been closed, perhaps permanently.

Like many golf courses in Hawaii, Ko’Olau was hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. While Hawaii may be paradise on earth, that hasn’t been the case for the golf industry

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Cheap land may be driving boom in illegal eastern Ontario pot grow-ops

Cheap land may be driving a proliferation of grow-ops in rural eastern Ontario, one that’s seen Ontario Provincial Police charge dozens of people and seize tens of millions of dollars of illegal cannabis in just over two months.

In that time, the region’s seen 18 drug busts that have led to 126 people arrested on charges that they illegally grew cannabis.

Nearly 59,000 plants were seized in the busts — an approximate street value of at least $70 million — along with hundreds of kilograms of processed cannabis, guns, cash and production equipment.

Police estimate each plant is worth between $1,200 and $1,400. The raids took place between July 29 and Oct. 2, at mostly rural addresses within a few hundred kilometres of Ottawa.

Strange goings-on

At one mid-September bust of a large outdoor operation in McArthurs Mills, Ont., midway between Bancroft, Ont., and Renfrew, Ont., OPP charged 26 people

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Staff Boom Appoints Trevor Rusinyak as President of Philippine Operations

ANAHEIM, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Staff Boom, a leading national provider of outsourcing services for the insurance industry, announced today it has appointed Trevor Rusinyak as President of Philippine Operations.

“Trevor comes in to fill a key role at Staff Boom, as our Philippine operation continues to expand,” said Angela Valencia, Chief Operating Officer of Staff Boom. “Trevor’s executive experience, as well as proven strength in growing and managing teams, will add tremendous value to Staff Boom, as we grow and create a world class culture in our Philippine operation.”

Mr. Rusinyak has over 18 years of leadership experience, building and leading multiple successful sales operational divisions, as well as creating and implementing organizational strategies to improve and enhance work environments. “I am extremely passionate about the development of people and leaders, and I am excited about this new challenge at Staff Boom,” Rusinyak said. “My goal is to come in

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Restructuring firms are seeing a business boom due to the coronavirus

  • Firms that help to restructure or wind down distressed startups and other companies are seeing a big pick-up in business.
  • At one firm — Silicon Valley-based Sherwood Partners — the number of calls it’s getting and deal it’s signing are up 300% from the levels they were at 12 to 18 months ago, its cofounder Martin Pichinson told Business Insider.
  • The pandemic is sparking major changes in the economy and venture and other investors are responding to that by shifting their investments away from companies that are struggling toward those that are benefiting from the changes, Pichinson said.
  • Companies are less willing to spend up to acquire startups and other firms and instead are turning to Sherwood and Diablo Management Group, another restructuring company, to buy only the assets of their acquisition targets, leaving their liabilities behind.
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The US economy may still be

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A Sputtering Growth Engine Could Ignite an M&A Boom in This Sector

The U.S. oil industry had been growing by leaps and bounds until this year. Output in the country averaged 12.23 million barrels per day (BPD) last year, more than double the production rate of a decade ago and shattering the previous record of 9.64 million BPD set in 1970. Industry forecasters expected that upward trend to continue, with estimates that production would grow to 13.2 million BPD this year and hit 13.6 million BPD by 2021. 

However, COVID-19 obliterated that forecast by upending demand, which forced the industry to cut back on supplies. Visions of continued growth for the pipeline sector have evaporated, which will probably cause it to shift gears. The next logical phase is consolidation, which would enable pipeline companies to cut costs and increase their scale so that they can endure what will likely be several more lean ahead years. 

Business people shaking hands overlaying upward pointing arrows.

Image source: Getty Images.

From boom to

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Rich Lister’s tech venture cashes in on gift card boom

Prezzee’s technology overcomes the hassle consumers faced by losing or forgetting their gift cards when going to the shops. But it also captures a growing trend for consumers to shop online, for both gift giving and purchases. Via its app, consumers can buy, send and store eGift cards from a range of retailers.

It also sells a Smart eGift Card allowing the gift recipient to choose from a suite of big name retailers they want to spend their gift card with.

Mr Bonett said a forced shift in consumer spending driven by the COVID-19 crisis was helping drive demand for Prezzee’s Smart eGift card. It has accelerated a shift already occurring through online shopping growth and a trend for consumers to make more environmentally friendly choices.

The gift card market is worth about $6 billion and Prezzee claims to hold a 5 per cent share. Other providers include global tech

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Northeast Ohio golf courses are having ’90s flashbacks during pandemic-aided boom

Two key demographics often cited in past reports that studied golf’s decline — a drop in women and younger players — also have been on the rebound.

The National Golf Foundation said the number of kids in the 6-17 age group increased 20% in the second quarter of 2020. That could lead to a half-million bump in junior golfers by year’s end, the foundation said.

Hanlin said his 12-year-old son, Palmer, a baseball and basketball player who “never played golf at all,” completed 10 18-hole rounds in August.

“He got hooked,” the host of “18 Holes,” “Pin Shot” and “Swing Clinic” said.

Hanlin, who lives about 60 yards from the sixth green at Little Mountain, said he frequently rides around the course in the evening to chat with guests.

The biggest increases he’s seeing are in the numbers of women and kids. This year, Little Mountain had a new women’s

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Sports cards business sees a boom

Many shops are having to work even harder to make sure they have plenty of product in their stores.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Bikes and puzzles are hardly the only thing seeing a resurgence during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Sports cards are once again taking center stage.

“It’s a lot more work is what it is,” said Ken Hoffman with a laugh.  Hoffman owns Card Stadium in Harrisburg.  “It’s very hard to get to product right now.  But it’s also good to see some new people.  I think the old people that have been around are pretty happy now because all their cards have gone way up in value.”

Recently a Mike Trout rookie card was sold at auction for $3.9 million.  It’s the most a card has ever sold for at auction.

RELATED: ‘Uncle Jimmy Collection’ has collector’s eyes on Lancaster County

“Football and baseball are still the number ones.  Basketball

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Creative baker in Oklahoma City surprised to see business boom in 2020

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – In the time of social distancing and fewer weddings and parties, it may be hard to believe but a local baker says her business is thriving.

These are no ordinary cakes, though.

“I’ve been very, very lucky,” said Nicole England.  

She may consider herself lucky to be thriving in a year like 2020, but talent is what got her here.

She is an artist and her paint is icing. Her palette will likely please yours.

With thousands following her out-of-this-world work on social media, it may be hard to believe her career started when she got a promotion at a local grocery store at the age of 16. 

“I didn’t have any dreams of being a cake decorator when I was younger. I just wanted to get more hours in the bakery to fix up my truck,” England said. 

England started her own business in 2013,

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