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Digital Banking News: BoA Launches Life Plan

In today’s top news in digital-first banking, Bank of America has launched its Life Plan program, while United Airlines and Chase Card Services launched a United Gateway credit card. Plus, NCR Corp. unveiled its new generation of automated teller machine (ATM) operating software.

BoA Expands Into Digital Financial Planning for Consumers

Bank of America has rolled out its Life Plan program, which can be accessed via the financial institution’s website and mobile app. It lets users choose and prioritize financial aims in arenas such as giving, leisure and health, among other areas. To talk about how to attain certain financial aims, users can also tap into the bank’s network of financial professionals, with the option to make individual appointments.

United Airlines, Chase Card Services Launch No-Fee Credit Card

United Airlines and Chase Card Services have rolled out a United Gateway credit card that

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When banks like Goldman, JPMorgan, BoA are returning to offices

  • Firms like JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs are  charting a path for bringing their workers back to the office.
  • Surveys have shown that workers report fear and high levels of stress about physically heading back.
  • Here’s a look at firms’ timelines for calling workers back, some of which are starting now, and others which won’t kick in till 2021.
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With the afterglow of Labor Day in the rearview mirror, and six months of remote work having reshaped much of how Wall Street does business, industry executives are laying the groundwork for plans and timelines to get back to work the old fashioned way.

Not everyone has been looking forward to this return to a more normal semblance of work, however. 

In June, Korn

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