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TikTok VP Blake Chandlee to speak at Business Insider event in October

Business Insider is proud to announce that Blake Chandlee will speak at the inaugural BI Global Trends Festival, a virtual event taking place the week of October 19-23, 2020.

Chandlee is the VP overseeing all of TikTok’s ad partnerships, sales operations, and anything the app does to generate revenue — making him one of the most important people running the company’s US operations today.

The company has been in the spotlight since the Trump administration’s attempts to issue a nationwide ban on the app, which allows users to record short videos synchronized with music. Now, the decision on the ban will be delayed until at least after Election Day 2020.

Chandlee came in at the beginning of 2020 to head up TikTok’s global business solutions, the division working with brands to advertise on the growing platform, Business Insider previously reported. Under Chandlee, TikTok’s ad product offerings have expanded dramatically, to

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How Blake Jamieson Expanded His Art Empire From Topps Project 2020 Baseball Cards

Blake Jamieson had a burning secret he held onto for months, not out of shame, but due to a contractual responsibility to keep quiet. As one of Topps’ featured Project 2020 artists, the lifelong baseball fan was forced to hide his excitement from family and friends.

“I was so excited,” Jamieson said. “What I was hoping would happen, happened, but then I couldn’t tell anybody. That was a tough like four or five months before I could talk about it.”

Jamieson is one of 20 artists Topps hired to reimagine 20 classic baseball cards for their on-demand Project 2020 series. The cards have been released in 48-hour windows throughout the season, allowing each artist to put their signature design on every card. During the initial release however, he had tempered expectations for how collectors would welcome the

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Kamala Harris meets Blake family, stops by union training facility

Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris met Monday with the family of a Wisconsin man shot by police last month to kick off her visit to the critical swing state, where Vice President Mike Pence was also visiting as the presidential race enters its final phase.

Harris gathered with Jacob Blake’s father, two sisters, and members of his legal team at a private airport in Milwaukee while Blake’s mother and attorney Ben Crump joined by phone. Blake was not part of the conversation, according to a list of attendees released by the campaign. Joe Biden met with the family last week during a visit to Kenosha, the city where police shot Blake.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump and co-counsels Patrick Salvi II and B’Ivory LaMarr released the following statement about Sen. Kamala Harris’ visit with the Blake family: 

“Sen. Harris had an inspirational and uplifting one-hour visit with

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