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Black-owned barbecue restaurants saw more business during protests

What’s the latest on more pandemic relief aid from the federal government?

President Donald Trump first tweeted that he’s cutting off negotiations on big pandemic relief funding until after the election. Then, later the same day, he called for piecemeal stimulus, including $1,200 pandemic checks for families to be signed by the president and arrive before election day. So, some whiplash here. Karen Petrou, managing partner of the Washington-based economic consulting firm Federal Financial Analytics, said “the president is always negotiating. I mean, he’s just trying to make a deal. That’s the only way I can explain this.”

Are people still waiting for unemployment payments?

Yes. There is no way to know exactly how many people have been waiting for months and are still not getting unemployment, because states do not have a good system in place for tracking that kind of data, according to Andrew Stettner of The Century

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‘Tens of thousands’ waiting for Killer Mike’s new Black-owned bank

  • A majority Black and Latin-American owned and operated digital bank already has “tens of thousands” of people on its waiting list ahead of its January opening, CNN Business reported. 
  • The new bank, founded by Bounce TV founder Ryan Glover, rapper “Killer Mike,” and former Atlanta Mayor and US Ambassador to the UN Andrew Young, aims to support Black and Latin-American communities, Black-owned businesses, and Black entrepreneurs. 
  • Over the past few months, companies including Square and Netflix have announced support initiatives for Black-owned financial institutions to address racial inequality. 
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A majority Black and Latin-American owned and operated online bank set to open in January already has “tens of thousands” on the waiting list seeking an account, CNN Business reported.

Greenwood is a digital bank that was founded by Bounce TV founder Ryan Glover, rapper “Killer Mike,” and former Atlanta Mayor and US Ambassador to the

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Black-owned business designs yoga mats featuring women of different skin tones

Sister Yoga Mats
One of the yoga mats sold by Toned by BaggedEm.
Courtesy Julia and Cornelia Gibson

For Julia and Cornelia Gibson, fitness is a family affair. The sisters workout best when they’re together, but even when they’re apart, they are cheering each other on.

Outside their sisterly bond, however, they found that the same sense of encouragement and motivation was not universal.

When looking at the fitness industry and wellness spaces, they saw less and less women who looked like them — women with varying skin tones and body types.

So, the two women decided to do something about it.

In the fall of 2019, the New York City natives founded Toned by BaggedEm, a fitness-focused brand that not only strives to make women feel seen but also motivates them to push through

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Online Marketplace Wakuda Wants To Support Black-Owned Businesses In The UK

A brand new online marketplace for Black-owned businesses has launched in the UK. The arrival of Wakuda comes in time for Black History Month, and will assist business owners and consumers in supporting Black-owned retailers online.

The platform is the brainchild of Albert Larter and Nathaniel Wade who, in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, noticed an increased focus on supporting Black-owned brands and businesses. Campaigns like Black Pound Day inspired them, they say, but they wanted to do more.

“Following the events in the U.S. that led to the Black Lives Matter movement and the worldwide protests, we saw a spike in people wanting to see how they could support Black business owners,” co-founder Larter explained. “That’s a part of the reason how and why we started Wakuda here in the UK.”

Like online retail giants Amazon and Etsy, Wakuda offers business owners a safe space to

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At A Pivotal Moment For Black Americans, Black-Owned Businesses Find Support And Solidarity

Emeka Anyanwu couldn’t believe her eyes. 

It was June, and Anyanwu, the founder of Aˈme-kə, an online retail space for inclusive makeup, beauty, and grooming brands founded by Black entrepreneurs, was checking over the growth of her business during the previous 90 days.

 She was astonished. Within three months, there had been an 800 percent increase in total orders, a 783 percent increase in units sold, and an 830 percent increase in total revenue. 

Anyanwu, who opened the online retailer in early 2019, attributes the sudden surge in sales to the ensuing protests and campaigns raising awareness and support for Black businesses, after George Floyd’s death in late May. Her business shows no signs of slowing down – through September, Anyanwu has seen a continual increase in sales and growth. 

“It’s certainly unfortunate that it

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Business group offers pandemic grants to Seattle-area Black-owned businesses

Tabor 100, a business group with a nearly 20-year history of support for the Seattle area’s Black- and minority-owned businesses, will begin offering grants to Black-owned businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic — many of which have been left out of state and federal coronavirus relief programs.

Tabor launched its Black Business Equity Fund this week with nearly $1.3 million contributed by Amazon, the City of Seattle, Facebook, Puget Sound Energy, the Seattle Foundation and Vulcan. Half the fund will go to grants; the rest will support small-business training offered through Tabor’s Economic Development Hub.

The group, which aims to raise an additional $3.2 million for the fund, hasn’t yet determined the size of the grants or how it will select recipients, said Tabor 100 president Ollie Garrett.

“Seeing how these businesses are struggling during the pandemic, I’m passionate about doing what I can to help,” Garrett said. Minority-owned businesses,

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Kohl’s partners with local Black-owned business to make equity shirts


Rachaad Howard, owner of West Allis-based Cream City Print Lounge, models one of the equity T-shirts sold at select Kohl’s department stores and at Kohls.com. (Photo: Submitted)

To support racial equality, Kohl’s has launched a selection of equity tees available at select stores and at online, said Jen Johnson, Kohl’s senior vice president of communication.

Rumors have been floating around social media groups and online that the T-shirts support the Black Lives Matter movement. But company officials say that is not the case.

“The collection is not affiliated with the Black Lives Matter organization,” said corporate public relations manager Jacquelyn Judkins.

Sales of the shirts will support the National Urban League; Kohl’s plans to donate $100,000 to the league, Judkins said. The league’s website calls it a historic civil rights organization dedicated “to economic empowerment, equality, and social justice.” 

Kohl’s partnered with Cream City Print Lounge, a Black-owned business

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How Black-Owned Businesses Bless Atlanta

When John Onwuchekwa moved to Atlanta over a decade ago, he came as a church planter. But his call was much broader than that. By starting churches in broken-down neighborhoods, he set out to bring a sense of community and economic opportunity “to the people that look like me.”

“When you start with the church as your cornerstone, you set the direction and the boundaries for everything else to fall into place,” said Onwuchekwa, who leads Cornerstone Church in the Historic West End.

The pastor’s latest venture, launched this year, was not another church, but a coffee business. He and five business partners from Southwest Atlanta founded Portrait Coffee. The roastery and forthcoming café is committed to “pouring a new narrative” for black coffee by recovering the African origins of the product and bringing jobs and development to its neighborhood.

The West End was one of Atlanta’s earliest suburbs, its

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ABC 7 Eyewitness News spotlights 3rd installment of Black-owned businesses with live, week-long series

CHICAGO (WLS) — ABC 7, Chicago’s Number One station for news, will present the third installment of Black Owned, a series of LIVE interviews spotlighting Chicagoland’s diverse Black-owned business community the week of September 21 on the station’s 11 a.m.newscast. Anchor Terrell Brown will lead daily discussions with Black business owners representing businesses that include construction, fitness, gynecological services, vegan meals on the go and items to pamper your skin . Terrell Brown and Tanja Babich anchor ABC 7 Eyewitness News in the Morning and at 11 a.m.. Black Owned will be exclusively streamed live on abc7chicago.com and ABC 7’s connected TV Apps on Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV and Roku.

The following is the list names/locations of businesses featured during the series, BLACK OWNED:

Monday, September 21

GMA Construction (Chicago)

– Black owned construction firm, working on projects like “Pullman National Monument,” Old Cook County Hospital and

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This Black-owned business is bringing health care to the barber chair

The Black-owned Baltimore barbershop now requires infrared temperature checks and masks.

The barbershop also requires clients to answer a coronavirus questionnaire found on a health care kiosk.

“It kind of gives us a baseline idea of the individual and possibly where they’ve been and who they’ve come in contact with,” Kennard Perry, a senior partner and barber at the Nile Style Barbershop, told CNN.

The results of the survey and the infrared temperature check determine whether clients get haircuts or not.

And if those clients do not end up in the barber chair, they will not leave empty-handed. Nile Style makes sure that the client is armed with a list of health care providers who can determine if that person needs a coronavirus test.

“We have to take care of one another,” said Perry.

Live Chair and health care

The coronavirus surveys on the health care kiosk and the infrared

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